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Gourmet Food Packages

Gourmet Food Packages

Fresh fruit platters, cold/hot finger foods

Starter Gourmet Selection  $15.00/head + GST   ( Min 15 people )                                  

  • Choice of 5 from items listed below
  • Approximately 5 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both 
Starter Gourmet Selection $20.00/head + GST ( Min 15 people)

  • Choice of 7 from items listed below
  • Approximately 7 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both
Starter Gourmet Selection $28.00/head + GST  ( Min 15 people )

  • Choice of 10 from items listed below
  • Approximately 10 pieces per person
  • Choice of hot or cold or combination of both




Menu A

Hot Items
Vegetable Roll
Cheese & Spinach Roll
Sausage Roll
Chicken & Vegetable Parcel
Plain Beef Pie
ButterChicken Pie
Beef & Potato Curry Pie
Cheese &Vegetable Pakora

Cold Items
Chicken & Cucumber Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Salad & Cheese Sandwich
Tuna/Salmon Sandwich
Rice Paper Roll
(Inc chicken/prawn/vegetarian)
Fresh Salad/Fruit Platter
Potato Salad

Menu B 

Beef Samosa
Vegetable Samosa
Vegetable Spring Roll
Vegetable Pakora (frittata)
Prawn Tempura
BBQ Chicken Wings (Tikka, Honey-Soya, Tandori flavr)
Beef Kebab Nibbles
Tandori Chicken  Nibbles
Potato and Mince Ball
Fried Chicken Strips with fresh Ginger and Chilli Chicken Patties
(Pastry filled with chicken mince, spices and herbs)



Add $8.00/per item 

  • Chicken Biriani

(Chicken and Special Rice cooked with Saffron, Yogurt and Butter)

  • Beef/Chicken Curry with Plain Rice/Polao rice

(Spicy Beef/Chicken curry with special fragrant rice)

  • Vegetable Curry with Rice/Polao

(Spicy Beef/Chicken curry with special fragrant rice)

  • Chicken/Beef/Egg/Prawn and vegetable Fried Rice
  • Chicken/Beef/Egg or Vegetable Chow Mein

(Stir Fried Noodles with Chicken/Beef/Egg or Vegetable)

  • Sweet & Sour Fish or Meat Balls
  • Chicken/Beef Kebab/Vegetable Wrap
Cakes & Sweets (Home Made)

Add $3.00/head per item 

  • Marmalade Muffin                                                        
  • Coconut & Jam Slice
  • Coffee Brownie
  • Banana Bread
  • Plain Vanilla Cake
  • Fruit Cake
  • Rice Pudding
  • Cream Caramel
  • Caramel Slice
  • Cream Roll
  • Rasgolla (Indian sweet, made from milk)
  • Malai-Curry (Rasgolla with Thickened Milk)
  • Egg-Halwa

Also catered single item from the above menu (conditions apply)

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Mughlai Menu (Indian Food Items)

Snack Starter   

1. Vegetable Samosa (Singara) - Home made pastry filled with Potato, Cauliflower, fresh herbs and other spices. EACH  $2.50
 2. Home Made Chicken Tandoori - Chicken fillets marinated and cooked with homemade spices.

Per person

( 2 Pcs )

 3. Potato Chop - Fried Potato paste with mince and herbs inside.  Each  $2.50
 4. Spring Roll (Vegetable) - Pastry filled with Carrot, Cauliflower, Cabbage and other spices.  Each  $1.50
 5. Beef SamosaPastry filled with Beef Mince, Onion and other homemade spices  Each  $3.00
 6. Prawn Cutlet or Fish Tempura - The crisp batter in this dish is a little out of the ordinary.  2 pcs  $4.00


Main Course

         1. Lunch or Dinner  : Option 1

  • Plain Polao (Specially cooked Bangladeshi fragrant rice)
  • Chicken Roast (Murgi-Mossallam, QTR)
  • Shahi Mutton Rezala (200 gram)


30 person


$20.00 pp

    2.  Lunch or Dinner  : Option 2

  • Morog-Polao  (Chicken and rice cooked together)
  • Mutton Rezala (200 gram)

(Mutton curry cooked with special spices)


30 person Minimum

 $20.00 pp
 3.   Lunch or Dinner  : Option 3

  • Authentic Kachchi Biriani

         (Mutton and Rice cooked together)

  •  Chicken Roast (Murgi-Mossallam, QTR)


30 Person


 $20.00 pp
                  4-  Lunch or Dinner  : Option 4  (For Gaye-Holud or small occasions)

  • 1 (One) Paratha (Home Made)   (Extra Paratha – $2.00 each)
  • Plain Polao rice or Bhuna Khichuri
  • Chicken Jhal Frezi
  • Mixed Vegetable
  • Beef Tikya (Shumee Kabab)
  • Cucumber and Onion Salad
 Per Person  $25.00
 5. Morog-Polao - Chicken and Kalijira rice cooked together.  Per Person  $12.00
 6. Authentic Kachchi Biriani - Mutton and Kalijira rice cooked together  Per Person  $16.00
 7. Tikya – Shami Kebab (Beef) - Crushed beef fillets, fried with special home made spices  Each  $3.00
 8. Borhani (Traditional Yoghurt drink)  Per person  $2.00
 9. Soft Drinks/Fruit Juice/Water  Per person  $1.00
 10. Fresh Salad   Per person  $2.00
 11. Home made Tomato Chatni sauce  Per person  $2.00
 12. Raita – Sauce made with mint, yoghurt and other spices  Per person  $2.00



 1. Zarda - A preparation from special rice and other ingredients  Per person  $2.00
 2.  Shandesh - Traditional dessert of Bangladesh. Made of Milk and Sugar, each wrapped in wax paper  Each  $2.50
 3. Feerni - Scented rice cream, served separately in small cups  Each  $2.50
        4.  Rasgolla / Chamcham/ Kalojam  (all home made)Indian sweets made of Milk and sugar  Each  $2.50
 5. Malai Curry (Malai Chop) - Indian Sweet made of Milk, Sugar and Thickened Milk on top  Each  $3.00
6. Ice Cream  Each  $2.00


Terms and Conditions to Order:

  1. Minimum 2 weeks advance booking required.
    1. 50% of the total amount to be deposited at the time of placing order. Order will not be valid until advance is paid.
    2. Food can be picked up from Schofields area.  Delivery possible at extra cost.
    3. Food will be supplied in saucepans.
    4. Amount to be paid in full during delivery of food.
    5. All saucepans to be returned in 3 days time when food is picked from Schofields by customer.
    6. We are not able to supply any waiter for food distribution during the party.
    7.  We are only supplier of food items for the party.
    8. We can provide cheffing dish at an extra cost.
    9. We would prefer to supervise food distribution during the party at an extra cost. All food are to be served hot.
    10. Special discount available when ordering the whole package ( entree, main and dessert). Please feel free to ask!

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For 2 Adults and 2 children


Chicken curry 1 box
Chicken Korma 1 box
Beef/Mutton/Lamb Curry 1 box
Beef/Mutton/Lamb Kofta Curry 1 box
Fish curry/Dopeaja 1 box
Vegetable 2 box
Dahl 2 box
Plain cake 1
TOTAL: $150


* Weekend Special OPTION 2 (4 persons):

Fried rice 2 box
Chow mein (veg) 2 box
Mandarin whole fish 1 box
Fried Chicken 8 Pcs
Fish curry/Dopeaja 1 box
Vegetable 1 box
TOTAL: $80


* Weekend Special OPTION 3  (4 persons):

Morog Polao 4 box
Beef/Lamb curry 2 box
Fish Fry 1 box
Mixed Vegetable 1 box
Fresh Salad 1 box
Vegetable 1 box
Cream Caramel 4 pcs
TOTAL: $80



Price may vary according to fluctuation in market prices.            

The client must order for 2 weeks minimum. Full advance payment required.

However client can order for 1st week for trial.

Client needs to pick up food on Friday or Sunday.

Food will be delivered in disposable plastic containers.

Plain rice can be supplied as well.

*Conditions apply


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Contact: Shuchi on 02 9837 1029 or 0408 234 751